The garden route honeymoon

I never lose, I either win or learn.-Nelson Mandela

Please sit down ,grab a cup of tea, because this is going to be a long one.

What a wonderful world it would be if people would contact me to stay in their hotel or Bed&Breakfast, or eat in their restaurant so I can blog about it. For now I need to plan, book and pay for my own trips.
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What to do in Brussels

It took me a while but here it is…

Every year my dad, brother and I go on a trip for a couple of days. We try to do some out of the box stuff to make everybody happy. I was in charge of food and drinks, my dad for the accommodation and my brother for the sight seeing. To prevent my brother from filling the days with boring boys stuff, I planned some girly things as well.
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Our quest to find the best gluten-free beers in Brussels

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, life’s a bitch and beers a must.

When in Brussels you have to drink beers, right? Well of course you do!
There are thousands of types of beer in Brussels, you can get them in every bar/restaurant/shop even the supermarkets have shelves filled with different kinds. But if you are a big fan of beer but allergic to gluten, like my dad, you are fucked.
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My wondrous trip to the beautiful Nepal

If you are always trying to be normal, You will never know how amazing you can be.- Maya Angelou

So as promised here is the full story of my trip to Nepal.

A few months before my trip I saw a very nice post about a company called Social Vitamins. This company makes special Vitamin A supplements for under privileged kids in Nepal. For every bottle of vitamins they sell, they can send a bottle to Nepal. Because it’s a very young company they can only send small amounts of pills at a time, for now. They use volunteers (like me) to take them to Nepal and go to different locations to introduce the pills. Continue reading “My wondrous trip to the beautiful Nepal”

Amazing ecolodge in Chitwan

In diversity there is beauty and there is Strength-Maya Angelou

For my first blog I wanted to talk about something cool and kinda hippie like. So I’m going to talk about a place I stayed at in Nepal. I went to Nepal for 2 weeks for a company called Social vitamins. You can read all about it here

For one week my friend and I, drove from city to city to do a lot of cool stuff. But at the end of the trip we ended up in Chitwan. Chitwan is known for the jungle and there for elephants, rhinos, Bengal tigers, crocodiles and other scary animals. Because I like to be all green and ecological I try to look for “good” stuff. And I found this beautiful little ecological hotel. Continue reading “Amazing ecolodge in Chitwan”