My wondrous trip to the beautiful Nepal

If you are always trying to be normal, You will never know how amazing you can be.- Maya Angelou

So as promised here is the full story of my trip to Nepal.

A few months before my trip I saw a very nice post about a company called Social Vitamins. This company makes special Vitamin A supplements for under privileged kids in Nepal. For every bottle of vitamins they sell, they can send a bottle to Nepal. Because it’s a very young company they can only send small amounts of pills at a time, for now. They use volunteers (like me) to take them to Nepal and go to different locations to introduce the pills.We went to 3 different locations to deliver the pills and tried to explain that 1 pill is good for one year because it’s so strong.  We went to a clinic that is run only by women. This clinic is solely meant for the lower class, so they can have to proper care as well. Of course you know when you go to places like this it’s not at all as what we are used to but it is weird to see what they can manage with so little. If that would happen here the clinic would be shut down immediately. It’s beautiful to see that they use the old machines to make people better and I’m very happy that these clinics exist.

The head nurse didn’t believe us at first when we told her that the kids only need 1 pill a year, but after repeating it 4 times she finally believed us and was shocked. This is why I wanted to do this. Because it’s such a beautiful thing and the world needs to know that it’s possible.

2017-05-11 11.36.37 1.jpg
Curious kids

For the other locations we went to 2 schools. We had such a warm welcome, the whole school stood in a line, we got a tikka and flowers, and they even danced and sang for us. The principal welcomed us with a great speech and then the kids needed to get back to learning, that’s way more important then 2 ladies from the Netherlands. The kids look so very happy and you can see how thankful they are to get an education.

2017-05-12 09.29.58 1 (1).jpg
Happy kids

We brought some pens and other goodies from Holland to give to the kids, just a very small thing that make their day.
The small kids came out to play and asked us to join, so we did. Even I can play, but when they asked us to dance I was happy to just make pictures and record my friend dancing and shaking her booty with them. Yeah she has the rhythm, not me.

After play there is business, we told the principal and teachers about this supplement and again we got shocked faces but it’s true we can make the lives of these kids a little bit better.
We really need to make this supplement more famous so we can send more to countries like this. There is no need for kids to get sick if there is such an easy and cheap solution. So please people when you read this please visit social vitamins to see how you can help.

After all the “work” we did, our real trip could begin. When we came to Kathmandu we organized a car and a driver so we could see everything we wanted in the short amount of time we had. Before we left from Holland, I made an itinerary to check what was possible. The plan was to go to Bandipur, Pokhara, Palpa, Lumbini,Chitawan and back to Kathmandu.

I will save you to lay over cities because they were a bit boring. So I will start with Phokora.

2017-05-12 09.41.04 1.jpg
Wonderful view at World Peace Pagoda, Shanti Stupa 

Phokora is a very touristic place but absolutely beautiful!
When we arrived it was literally a breath of fresh air!  You have the mountains, the lakes, the greens….. just perfect! The shitty part of a touristic place like this, is that you miss the Nepali culture. You can see bits of the Nepali culture but it’s over shadowed by all the white people (Sorry if some people are offended now, but I travel with a brown person so I can say this😃), all the tourists, and the western shops and restaurants.
We stayed at the New Annapurna guesthouse, a truly astonishing place, with the nicest people you will ever meet. After we made a schedule of our 3 days here, we went to unpack. And thank f*ng god the shower was perfect. Warm water and great pressure do a woman good. I could finally give my hair a proper wash. AND the Wi-Fi was working so I could call my lovely husband to tell him I was still alive.

Our driver went out to check the rates for our activities, because we wanted to do some scary stuff, like bungee-jumping. He talked to one of his friends and they still had some spots left. We agreed on doing the bungee-jump and the paragliding. Seriously people, I’m afraid of heights so I don’t know why I’m even doing this.

2017-05-11 11.39.23 1.jpg
after the bungee jump 

The company that organized this, is called Flying Buddha. We paid, signed our death waver and of we went. A little unexpected was the drive to the paragliding area, which was scarier than the paragliding itself. As the lovely gentleman plugged me onto him he told me what I had to do. Did I listen, no of course not, because I was shitting myself as I saw how high I was. So when he was done and said run I tried to run, I looked like a retard when I was running in the air… I didn’t know this but my lovely friend told me as much….

After 10 min of hanging in the air, I was bored. Yes bored…. It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong but after 10-15min the danger is gone and you have seen everything. 20min later we went down, this was the adrenalin rush I was waiting for and this made my day.
My friend had a super time up in the air, singing and posing, making selfies, screaming, everything. The pictures are perfect!

Off to the bungee-jump, my god this was even scarier than the paragliding. The entire time I was thinking, “Why am I doing this to myself”.
But it was so worth it!! When all our panties were dry again we treated our self with some nice whiskey and off to home.

The next day we went to see the sunrise at Sarankot. We could not have picked a better day. The sky was clear and we could see all the mountains and the city. We took a lot of pictures but none of them captured the beauty of the moment. After a couple of hours the sky was bright and sunny, we had some coffee and went back to bed😊. Hahaha, no just kidding. We went for breakfast and rented a scooter to check out the not so touristic spots. I think it’s something you definitely should do, just so you get to experience all of Pokhora. For the not so lazy people it is also possible to rent a bike.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Phewa lake

After a couple of hours we came back to go on a small boat to check out the Phewa lake and the Barahi temple in the middle of it. It was so peaceful I could have spent the whole day on that boat.
In between these lovely things we did a lot of sight seeing and eating.

The next must see city in Nepal is Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. We stayed at the Siddhartha guest house for 1 night. We dropped our stuff off and went straight to the birthplace of Buddha. As we walked in, there were a lot of rickshaw’s and they told us it was a very long walk so we jumped in and after 3 hours we had seen everything. We where very pleased and had a massage to celebrate. For dinner we went with our driver to a small restaurant and had one of the best Thali’s in Nepal. Our driver went to the birthplace as well and sho

2017-02-08 12.20.19 1.jpg
        Not Buddha’ s birthplace

wed us the pictures. At that

moment we knew the Rickshaw driver fucked us over. We never went to the birthplace, we just saw some random temples. Holy shit that sucked because we were going to leave the next morning. But the driver said that we could go in the morning, when al the monks would come and pray/meditate.
So at 5AM we were on our way to the actual birthplace, and as he said the monks where there as well, and a lot of mist. It looked like a scary movie and it was so cold. But we saw the birthplace of Buddha with the monks and it was magical.

2017-02-09 08.34.54 1.jpg
                Monks at Buddha’ s birthplace



After an hour or 2 we went back to the car and drove to Chitawan. I can tell you a lot about Chitawan but you can read that in my previous blog here






2017-05-12 09.36.15 1 (1).jpg



After Chitawan we went back to Kathmandu and spend a lovely couple of days at Nanda’s place. We explored Thamel,patan,Bhaktapur a little bit. We saw
Swayambhunath(monkey temple),the Pashupatinath and the Nyatapola temple among other thing.
To walk here is so special and it’ s such a shame that everything is still under construction because of the earthquake.
We bought the last souvenirs and had a lot of delicious coffee.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


The last thing I want to say about Nepal is that it’s a definite must see. The people are very nice and welcoming. The nature is phenomenal and there is something for every type of person.




3 thoughts on “My wondrous trip to the beautiful Nepal

  1. This is absolutely beautiful, and by the way, congratulations, you deserve some appreciation for the good work you did for these underprivileged kids in Nepal.

    I have to ask, while Nepal looks absolutely stunning, did you ever feel in danger at all? Is it safe to travel there? I’ve never looked into it


  2. Hello Jessica, what a beautyfull story. It looks if you where there a month but it was only 14 days. So much you have done and see.
    Thank you that you share it with us.
    Greetings Theo en Hannie


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