Amazing ecolodge in Chitwan

In diversity there is beauty and there is Strength-Maya Angelou

For my first blog I wanted to talk about something cool and kinda hippie like. So I’m going to talk about a place I stayed at in Nepal. I went to Nepal for 2 weeks for a company called Social vitamins. You can read all about it here

For one week my friend and I, drove from city to city to do a lot of cool stuff. But at the end of the trip we ended up in Chitwan. Chitwan is known for the jungle and there for elephants, rhinos, Bengal tigers, crocodiles and other scary animals. Because I like to be all green and ecological I try to look for “good” stuff. And I found this beautiful little ecological hotel.                                                              2017-02-09 09.17.53 1.jpg

The pictures looked super cute and it sounded so very nice, so I prepared myself for a very high price but the contrary was true. You could choose 3 different types of rooms. You have the nest, the woven hut and the bottle house. You don’t pay more than 14 euros a night. The hotel is founded by a young couple- a Nepali guy and a French girl. They are very nice and helpful.

We stayed in the woven hut and we payed 7 euro’s a night. This room has a kingsize bed, a sink and a dry toilet (this is a fancy bucket made into a toilet where you use saw dust to cover your waste, so they can use it for compost). The shower is outside and is to be shared with the other residents. It is heated by solar panels so the only time you have hot water is around 1pm. So if you don’t shower during the evening hours, its all good.               Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The restaurant is made out of glass bottles and looks super nice. I ordered a Buddha bowl and a green juice. This was a big plate with veggies, rice and hummus and full of taste. Perfect! You can sit inside on the floor with a lovely sitting area and low tables, or outside in a hammock or one of the bamboo chairs.  You can enjoy your nice surroundings. Although there is a lot of construction going on next to this lovely hotel, you will not notice this and you can indeed relax in peace.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Some of the cool stuff they have at


Evergreen ecolodge: Energy savings by solar panels, low energy led, recycling wastewater, sorting of waste (very rare in Nepal etc), organic food or produced within 250 km., most plates are natural made of leaves.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Whenever you are in Chitwan you have to do one of the activities with animals. The people at Evergreen ecolodge love elephants so they are not offering elephant jungle rides etc. Like Thailand the elephants here are used for tourism and ar2017-03-21 01.10.39 1.jpge not treated very well. And of course it sounds very nice to ride one in the jungle to see other animals, but they are not here to do this and so we decided to go on a jungle walk.

Yes a walk through the jungle with wild animals. First we had a canoe ride for 2 hours to see the crocodiles (yes we saw a lot of them!). Not very close (thank God!). After that our guides told us some important stuff about how to react when an animal comes to close. Every animal needs a different tactic. Scary shit when you hear all this. I was secretly
hoping we didn’t see any animals, but the whole point was to see animals up close. After 8 hours of walking we were back, in those 8 hours we saw a lot of nasty bugs, crocodiles, deer, colorful birds and rhinos. Yes we saw rhinos in the wild. This was such a weird experience but oh so beautiful! We climbed a tree so it would come closer, and we could see it better. Rhinos are very weird ugly looking animals but very interesting. At the end of the day I was bitten by ants and ticks but it was all worth it.

After dinner we came back at the lodge where everybody was sitting outside with a camp fire and a guitar. But after 9 hours of nature we were too tired to do anything.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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