welcome to all the randomness in the world

Name: Jessica Babychan-Molenaar
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Likes: sun ,Indian food ,chai,fresh flowers,shopping,cooking travelling,exploring,walking,restaurants
Dislikes: Cold,waiting,screaming,
I started this blog because my wonderful husband thought it was perfect for me. While I’m writing this I’m not sure if that’s true. But let’s give it a go.

I was thinking long and hard about what to write on my “ about me” page. You can find a lot online on how to write the perfect “ about me” page. Apparently you have to talk about your niche or talk about what you are good at….

I don’t know… I don’t have a niche, I don’t excel in things. I’m quit average, I love a lot of things.
But mostly food so you’ll find me writing about food in one way or the other.Maybe it’s the food I make myself or the food I eat when I travel or when I try out new restaurants .  I will be brutally honest about it, if it’ s good,bad or terrible you surely will know. If it really  sucks I will give you a plan B.

What else am I up to other than eating and blogging…?? Well I just got married to the love of my life, Basil Babychan. The person who pushes me to do stuff I don’t feel comfortable doing, but in the end I will love, the one who needs to try out all the stuff I make. He too is brutally honest unfortunately for me…
My partner in crime..

To do all those things I love doing I need to make some money of course, so I work at a nursing home. This is something I love and hate, but mostly love😊 It’s a very fulfilling job.


Anyways…  Do you like to try new stuff?

………Well,then you’ve come to the right place..


Xoxo Jessica

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